Coffee Machine Leasing

Coffee Machine Leasing purely deals with highly respectable brands in the espresso world and we are pleased to offer such a diverse range of makes and models which cater for different budgets.

Brands that we work with includes but not limited to

Faema - E71, E61, Emblema, Teorema and Ambassador

Sanremo – Opera, Zoe, Verona RS, Capri and Torino

Astoria – Perla, Plus 4 You, Gloria and Tanya

La Spaziale – S1, S2, S5, and S40

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Coffee Machine Leasing is the most cash flow effective way of owning your own commercial coffee machine for new start-ups, existing business, coffee shops, restaurants etc. Under this scheme all equipment and set up costs can be leased over a period of 3 or 5 year lease agreement and choose the amount of residual you pay at the end of the lease. We will provide your equipment along with installation (if required) and training.

Unlike other lease agreements, there is no ongoing obligation to purchase a minimum amount of coffee or supplies each week or month - you own your machine just the same as if you purchased it outright.

Step 1: We will assist, advise and suggest you which machine is best suited for your requirements and business

Step 2: We will provide you with both the outright purchase price of your selected package as well as options for 36, or 60 month rental and your options for residual payments.

Step 3: We have leasing expert who will help you complete the lease application process by telephone. Once we have approval we will arrange for the machine to be delivered and installed in your site and train your staff in its use and care.

Step 4: At the end of your lease period you can choose to pay the residual and own the machine outright, hand it back in working condition or simply upgrade to a newer model.

Customer Benefits of Leasing

Lease over cash, which makes more sense?

Coffee Machines: Brands

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